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30457 Trooper Edward Maurice Southcombe

Wounded NZMR Pair - Southcombe

  • NZEF British War Medal and Victory Medal pair to Trooper Edward Maurice Southcombe, Auckland Mounted Rifles.


    Edward Southcombe was born at Waverley in June 1892. He embarked with the24th Mounted Reinforcements and served with the Auckland Mounted Rifles Squadron, NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade from August 1917. He was wounded 30th March 1918 during the First Battle of Amman, suffering a gunshot wound to his right buttock. This lot comes with a Silver War Badge, large RSA badge, small RSA pin and two 'trench art' ID tags named to Southcombe.


    British War Medal (30457 TPR. E. M. SOUTHCOMBE. N.Z.E.F.), Victory Medal (30457 TPR. E. M. SOUTHCOMBE. N.Z.E.F.), SWB NZ 29982, RSA badge (engraved 30457), Small RSA pin (impressed 30457 on reverse), 2x 'trench art' ID tags as depicted.

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