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Terms and Conditions

All medals offered on this site are sold as being of genuine, original issue unless otherwise stated. Zealandia Medals will refund any purchase subsequently proven to not be genuine, or is fraudulently renamed (note, some official-issue medals in New Zealand were issued from re-named stock and are considered genuine in every way), or otherwise not as stated in the original listing.


All medals are offered on a first come - first served basis. Whilst the website will be updated as soon as an item is sold, Zealandia Medals cannot guarantee the availability of an item at any given time. Enquiries should always be made to ensure an items is still available.

All prices are in NZ$.

Zealandia Medals does not operate an e-commerce site - to purchase/enquire about any of the items listed on the site, simply use the contact form or drop us an email at All enquiries should state the SKU number(s) of the item(s).

If you wish to purchase, please wait to be invoiced as shipping charges will have to be determined before payment can be made.


Due to the various types of postage available, we will liaise directly with purchasers to meet their requirements. All shipping will be at purchasers risk, but will only be charged at cost plus packaging. The final invoiced amount will include the shipping-type requested.

NOTE: The items listed are usually held by the various owners and not centrally at Zealandia Medals, so multiple purchases will likely incur multiple shipping charges.

Protected Objects Act 1975


Any sales requiring shipping to an address outside New Zealand are legally required to meet the obligations of the Act. We can assist with facilitating this process. In our experience there are very few items that cannot gain permission for export.


We charge just 5% commission to the seller for all sales, capped at NZ$200 for any single sale made through the website. If you would like to list something on the site, please get in touch and we can discuss the process, photographs etc.


All listings, information and photographs on this site are property of Zealandia Medals and may not be reproduced without approval from the site owners.

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