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9/319 Major David McCurdy OBE

Scarce OBE, 2x MiD Group to OMR Officer

  • The scarce OBE (Mil), 1914/15 Star, British War, Victory Medal group to Major David McCurdy who was thrice Mentioned in Despatches for his service during the war.


    David McCurdy was born 25th June 1887 at Dipton, New Zealand. Son of Nathaniel and Catherine McCurdy. He was educated at Dipton School before taking up farmer in the district. He had three years service with the Wallace Mounted Rifles, before gaining a commission with the 7th (Southland) Mounted Rifles in 1911. HE was promoted to lieutenant in 1913, and attested for service with the NZEF in August 1914, where he was appointed lieutenant with 7th (Southland) Squadron, Otago Mounted Rifles, embarking with the Main Body. McCurdy served on Gallipoli from May 1915 until being invalided back to Malta in late July 1915, suffering from enteritis. He returned to Egypt in September 1915, serving at Mudros until the evacuation of Gallipoli in December 1915.


    McCurdy transferred to HQ, NZ Division NZEF in March 1916 and was promoted to captain. He was appointed staff captain (Anzac Section) 3rd Echelon, General Headquarters BEF at Rouen in July 1916, and was promoted to major in January 1917. He was mentioned in Field Marshal D. Haig. Commander-in-Chief the British Armies in France, despatch dated 9th April 1917. and again on 31st December 1918. He was appointed in Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the King's Birthday Honours List of 1919 and mentioned in despatches a third time in July 1919.


    McCurdy returned to New Zealand in 1919, and was discharged from the NZEF in August 1919. At this time he also resigned his commission with the Otago Mounted Rifles. During the Second World War he served as an officer with the Home Guard, so would theoretically qualify for the New Zealand War Service Medal, alrthough he died on 31st August 1949 aged just 62, before claiming any such medal.


    All medals are correctly impressed: 1914/15 Star ( 9/319 MJR. D. MCCURDY. N.Z.E.F.) and the BWM and VM (9/319 MAJOR D. MCCURDY. N.Z.E.F. The OBE is a Type 1 award, of which only around 60 were awarded to the NZEF.

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