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5981 Tpr Archibald Steele Woodhouse, G Squadron, South Island Regiment, 8th NZMR Contingent

QSA - 8th NZMR - Woodhouse

  • Queen's South Africa Medal w/clasps 'Cape Colony', 'Transvaal' and 'South Africa 1902' issued to 5981 Tpr Archibald Steel Woodhouse, 8th NZMR Contingent.


    Archibald Woodhouse was born at Mount Benger, near Roxbourgh in central Otago on 7th November 1877, the son of Francis Ellis and Elizabeth Anderson Woodhouse (née Saunders). He was working as a gold miner for the Shepherd's Creek Dredging Company near Bannockburn when he enlisted for service in South Africa. He sailed on the S.S. Cornwall on 8th February 1902. He appears to have taken his discharge in South Africa, as his medal was receipted by Woodhouse whilst he was working as a butcher at Frederickstad, Transvaal in 1906. He appears to have remained in South Africa, with his death being recorded in Transvaal in 1954.


    Medal is correctly impressed, albeit with an incorrect service number, 5781 TPR: A. S. WOODHOUSE. N.Z.M.R. 8th CONT:

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