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8910 Tpr F. Cheffings, 8th NZMR Contingent.

QSA - 8th NZMR - Cheffings

  • Queen's South Africa Medal w/clasps 'Transvaal', 'South Africa 1902' issued to 8910 Tpr Francis Cheffings, 8th NZMR Contingent. Cheffings sailed with the 10th NZMR Contingent on the Drayton Grange, but as a reinforcement for the 8th Contingent. On arrival in South Africa he entrained for where the 8th Contingent was camped, qualifying for the Transvaal clasp.

    Francis 'Frank' Cheffings was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1878, son of William and Mary Ann Cheffings (née Andrews). He transferred to the North Island Regiment, 8th NZMR Contingent in South Africa. Frank Cheffings died at Te Aroha in 1971.

    Medal is correctly impressed 8910 TPR: F. CHEFFINGS, N.Z.M.R. 8th CONT:. There is a slight edge-knock on the top edge at the 6 o'clock position, but is in otherwise VF condition. Medal and clasps confirmed on WO100/295.

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