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66 Tpr W. C. Wooffindin, 1st NZMR Contingent

QSA - 1st NZMR -Wooffindin

  • Queen's South Africa Medal w/clasps 'Driefontein', 'Relief of Kimberley', 'Johannesburg', 'Diamond Hill' issued to 66 Tpr William Cecil Wooffindin, 1st NZMR Contingent. Medals to the 1st NZMR Contingent are scarce and highly sought-after. Of the 218 men who served in the contingent, just 199 were issued medals off the roll of the contingent.


    William Wooffindin was born at Geraldene, New Zealand in January 1877 and was serving with the Manawatu Mounted Rifles when he was selected for the 1st NZMR Contingent. He served a full tour in South Africa, leaving for New Zealand in December 1900. He received his medal in Wellington on 19th June 1901 during the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (Ref WO100/292).


    Medal correctly impressed 66 Pte C. WOOFFINDIN, N. Z'LAND M.R. in the slightly larger font typical of 1st Contingent impressed medals. Medal and clasps confirmed on medal roll WO100/294. The medal does have an edge-knock at the 6 o'clock position, resulting in a slight flattening of the top edge of the medal at 'FIN' part of the naming. Medal is otherwise very fine.

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