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5536 Tpr H. Walker, 8th NZMR Contingent

QSA - 8th NZMR - Walker

  • Queen's South Africa Medal w/clasps 'Transvaal', 'South Africa 1902' issued to 5536 Tpr Henry Walker, 8th NZMR Contingent. Also entitled to clasp 'Cape Colony'.

    Henry Walker was born Henry McNeish in 1881, but served under the alias of Henry Walker. He was of the Ngati Tahinga iwi, and died in New Plymouth in 1963.


    Medal is correctly impressed 5536 TPR: H. WALKER, N.Z.M.R. 8th CONT:. There is an edge-knock on the under-edge at the 6 o'clock position, but is in otherwise VF condition.


  • Archives New Zealand Service File. Note this file has been incorreclty combined with 39702 Henry Walker, 1st NZEF. This is an entirely different man, not related to Henry Walker (McNeish).

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