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4458 Trooper Andrew Webb, 7th NZMR Contingent

No. 68 Private Andrew Webb, Temuka Rifle Volunteers

NZMR QSA / NZVSM - Father and Son

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  • The New Zealand Volunteer Service medal awarded to Private Andrew Webb of the Temuka Rifle Volunteers in 1903, and the Queen's South Africa Medal w/four clasps awarded to his son, Andrew Webb Jnr. for his service with the 7th NZMR Contingent in South Africa.


    Andrew Webb was born in Dublin, Ireland around 1854. He married Helen Jane Waddell in 1879 and together they went on to have a family of eight children. In 1903 he was awarded the Volunteer Service Medal (Type 2) per NZ General Order 1903/382. Andrew Webb died 14th January 1939 and is buried in Temuka Cemetery.


    Andrew Webb jnr. was born 14th July 1880 at Temuka, New Zealand. Son of Andrew and Helen Jane Webb (née Waddell). He served in South Africa with 24 (Canterbury) Company, 7th NZMR Contingent, receiving the QSA with clasps 'Transvaal', 'Orange Free State', 'South Africa 1901', 'South Africa 1902'. He enlisted for service in WW1 in September 1917 was rejected due to a heart arythmia. It was noted at the time that he had suffered from enteric fever in South Africa. He married Jennie Graham in 1909 and appears to have had at least two children. He died in Christchurch in 1956.


    The NZVSM (Type 2) is correctly engraved No 68 PVT. ANDREW WEBB, TEMUKA RIFLE VOLS. (1903) and the QSA is correctly impressed 4458 TPR: A. WEBB, 7th N. Z'LAND M.R.


    Note some sources claim both medals were awarded to Andrew Webb jnr. but this is impossible due his age being just 23 in 1903 when the 12 year service medal was issued. It is assumed it was awarded to his father as they were originally sold together and the evidence supports the assertion that these are father/son medals. The photo of Andrew Webb jnr. is taken from the Weekly Press dated 21/8/1901.

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