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Lt-Col. Robert Hughes VD

NZLESM - Lt. Robert Hughes VD

  • The New Zealand Long and Efficient Service Medal to Lieutenant Robert Hughes, Wanganui Rifle Volunteers (1894)


    Robert Hughes served with the Wangnaui Rifle Volunteers for many years, first being elected sub-lieutenant in 1882. He was promoted captain on 26th July 1898 and major on 4th June 1902, finally achieving the rank of lieutenant-colonel on 14th April 1910 with the 7th (Wellington West Coast)Regiment. In 1925 he was appointed honorary colonel of the Wellington West Coast Regiment. Hughes was a long-standing committee member of the New Zealand Rifle Association. He was a noted marksman, and commanded the New Zealand team at Bisley in 1905 and again in 1911. He was awarded the Imperial Volunteer Decoration in 1900 (NZG 1900/18), as captain of the Wanganui Rifle Volunteers.


    Medal is engraved in blackened sans-serif capitals, the style typical of this period: LIEUT. ROBERT. HUGHES WANGANUI RIFLE VOLs

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