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72219 Private Bruce Robertson, NZEF

NZEF Wounded Pair

  • The British War Medal and Victory Medal issued to 72219 Private Bruce Robertson, who was wounded during the closing weeks of the war on the Western Front.


    Born on 15 July 1898, Pte Robertson died on 18 August 1973. Before WW1, he was a carpenter in Oamaru. He is buried at Karori Cemetery in Wellington. 

    In life, he stood five feet and eight inches with a fresh complexion and light brown eyes and black hair. A digital copy of a photo of him in later life exists. 

    Pte Robertson sailed with the 37th Reinforcements and served in the 4th Otago Company of 2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment, in France. He received a gun shot wound to his right shoulder on 23 October 1918. 

    The History of the Otago Regiment briefly describes the attack in which Pte Robertson was wounded. It began soon after midday: 

    ‘As the right Company, 4th (Otago), advanced over the crest of the ridge west of Salesche it came under heavy machine gun fire. The Lewis gun section, commanded by Corporal Stewart, materially contributed to breaking' down this point of resistance, and the advance was resumed.’ 

    Pte Robertson appears to have served in T Force during WW2, as a Sergeant, with the service number 591154.  

    His military service file shows an entitlement to the Defence Medal, War Medal and NZ War Service Medal. The whereabout of these unnamed medals is unknown. 

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