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10/3128 Walter Wilson NZEF

NZEF Trio, Plaque and Scroll - 10/3128 Wilson

SKU: ZM190
  • The scarce 1914/15 Star Trio, Memorial Plaque and Memorial Scroll issued to the next-of-kin of Walter Wilson in commemoration of his service and death in action during the Battle of Messines.


    Walter Wilson was born on 12th November 1889 at Oamaru, New Zealand. Fifth son (of eight children) of Alexander and Euphemia Wilson (née Walls). By 1900 the family had moved to Wellington, residing in Martin Square, near the Basin Reserve. Alexander died in 1912, and Euphemia moved to The Terrace. By the time war was declared in 1914, Walter was still living at home, working as a boilermaker.


    Walter enlisted for service in the NZEF on 14th June 1915, and embarked with the Wellington Infantry Battalion, 7th Reinforcements on 9th October 1915. On arrival in Egypt in November 1915 he was posted to 7th (Wellington West Coast) Company. With the establishment of the New Zealand Division in 1916, Walter embarked for France in April, serving in the field throughout 1916 and in to 1917 with 1st Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment. He was wounded during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette on 16th September 1916, but remained with his unit. Walter's luck ran out during the Battle of Messines, when he was killed in action on 7th June 1917, the opening day of the attack. He is buried in Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery, II. F. 9.


    The medals are all correctly impressed 10/3128 PTE. W. WILSON. N.Z.E.F. and the Memorial Plaque is correctly embossed WALTER WILSON. The Memorial Scroll is also correctly named to Walter Wilson. This lot also comes the King's message of condolence and the indivdually addressed letter from the Minister of Defence that accompanied the Illuminated Certificate of Service. The black marks on the medals is old lacquer and may be removed.


    This is a rare opportunity to obtain a complete set of medals, Memorial Plaque and Memorial Scroll to a member of the NZEF. The vast majority of casualty groups are not this intact.

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