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2/2209 Archibald Campbell MacIntyre NZEF

NZEF Trio and LESM - 2/2209 MacIntyre

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  • The 1914/15 Star Trio and NZ Long and Efficient Service Medal group awarded to Archibald Campbell MacIntyre, who served on the Western Front throughout 1916 - 1918. He was awarded the LESM in 1954 per NZAL 1954/454


    Archibald Campbell MacIntyre was born 3rd January 1894 at Glasgow, Scotland. Son of Alexander and Helen Jane MacIntyre (née Campbell). The family emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1900s, settling in Wellington. Archibald worked as a compositor for the Government Printing Office prior to the First World War, and served with 5th (Wellington) Regiment. He attested for service in the NZEF in August 1915, and embarked as a gunner with the 7th Reinforcements, NZ Field Artillery.


    Archibald saw extensive service with 12th Battery, NZFA throughout the entire war on the Western Front, with his only extended break from the front coming between May and August 1918. He completed his active service with  7th Battery, NZFA and returned to New Zealand for discharge in June 1919. He remained on the Reserve, Territorial Force until 1931, and in 1954 successfully applied for the NZ Long and Efficient Service Medal. Whilst this medal had been superceded in 1931, all his qualifying service occured when this medal was current, therefore this is the medal he received.


    Archibald MacIntyre died 23rd May 1963 at Raumati South, survived by his wife, Ester Mary Bell.


    The 1914/15 Star is correctly impressed 2/2209 GNR. A.C. MACINTYRE. N.Z.E.F. the BWM/VM pair is correctly impressed 2/2209 DVR. A.C. MACINTYRE. N.Z.E.F. and the LESM is correctly impressed DVR. A.C. MACINTYRE 1ST N.Z.E.F. with medals being swing mounted on original ribbon as-worn.

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