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24/468 C.S.M. Henry George Harraway, NZEF

NZEF Trio - 24/468 Harraway

SKU: ZM185
  • The 1914/15 Star trio issued to Henry George Harraway, who served in Egypt and on the Western Front and was buried by an exploding shell at Armentieres.


    Henry Harraway was born 14th December 1891 at Green Island, Dunedin, New Zealand. Son of George and Elizabeth Harraway (née Smellie).  At the time of his enlistment in May 1915, he was working as a coachbuilder and wheelright in Gore. He embarked as a sergeant in the machine-gun section of 2nd Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade, seeing action against the Senussi tribe in Egypt over Christmas 1915/16 with the Western Field Force.


    Harraway transferred to the Western Front, and in June 1916 suffered severe shell shock, and was buried by an exploding shell. He was subsquently 'permanently employed' at the base at Etaples. He returned to the UK in July 1917, and was promoted to Temp. W/O II (C.S.M.) in August 1917. He served out the remainder of the war at the New Zealand Convalescent Discharge Depot, Torquay. He was made substantive W.O. II in December 1918, before returning to New Zealand.


    Harraway married Mary Wilson in 1919 and resided at Gore until his death on 27th December 1937.


    1914/15 correctly impressed 24/468 C.S.M: H.G. HARRAWAY. N.Z.E.F. and the BWM/VM are correctly impressed 24/468 C.S.M. H.G. HARRAWAY. N.Z.E.F. 

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