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22839 Rifleman James Murphy NZEF

NZEF Pair - 22839 J Murphy

SKU: ZM212
  • The British War Medal/Victory Medal pair issued 22839 James Murphy, who served on the Western Front in 1916 until being accidentally injured.


    James Murphy was born 16th May 1882 at New Plymouth, and at the time of his enlistment in February 1916 he was working as a labourer. He claimed previous service with the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers. James served on the Western Front with D Company, 1st Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade from late August 1916. In December 1916 he suffered a fracture of his left greater trochanter (hip) whilst carrying "engineers stores", resulting in evacuation to the UK. He served out the remaineder of the war in the UK before returning to New Zealand in 1919. James Murphy died at New Plymouth on 29th June 1949.


    Both medals are correctly impressed 22839 RFLM. J. MURPHY. N.Z.E.F.

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