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3/2759 Arthur Harry Aylmer Vivian NZEF

NZEF Officers Pair - 3/ Vivian

  • The British War Medal and Victory Medal pair issued to Arthur Harry Aylmer Vivian for his service as a surgeon onboard the hospital ship Marama.


    Arthur Harry Aylmer Vivian was born 15th May 1889 at Dunedin, New Zealand. Son of Charles Augustus Edmiund and Alice Lizzie Vivian (née James). He studied medicine at the University of New Zealand, presumably at the Otago college, and was registered as a doctor in 1916. He was working at Dunedin Hospital when attested in the NZEF in October 1916. He served two tours on the HMNZHS Marama, on the 3rd Charter first and second sailings 1917-1918. He was discharged following a medical report that identified a problem with his eyes.


    Vivian married Claire Izard in 1918, and they had a family of two children. Their son, Patrick, was killed in action in 1942 whilst serving as a navigator with the RNZAF. Arthur Vivian died in Christchurch in 1962.


    Both medals are correctly impressed 3/2759 LIEUT. A.H.A. VIVIAN. N.Z.E.F.

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