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2/1522 Bombadier Peter John Thomas Roselli MM

NZEF MM/Trio and Gallipoli Medallion

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  • The Military Medal, 1914-15 Star Trio and Gallipoli Medallion awarded to Peter John Thomas Roselli, who displayed gallantry under fire on the afternoon of 7th September 1918 near Metz.


    Peter John Thomas Roselli was born 14th July 1894 at Westport, New Zealand. Son of Peter and Florence Elizabeth Roselli (née Hudson). Prior to the First World War, Roselli was working as a labourer in Westport and serving in the local Garrison Artillery Territorial unit. He enlisted for service with the NZEF in February 1915, and was posted to the NZ Field Artillery. He embarked with the 5th Reinforcements, and landed on Gallipoli with the 4th Battery, NZFA on 19th August 1915. Just a month later he was evacuated to Malta suffering from dysentery. He returned to Egypt in January 1916 and transferred to the Western Front with the New Zealand Division in April 1916.


    In September 1916 Roselli transferred to 6th Battery, 2nd Brigade, NZ Field Artillery. In early September 1918 he was appointed Temporary Corporal. On the afternoon of 7th September 1918, Roselli earned the Military Medal, the recommendation stating: "On the afternoon of the 7th September 1918 near Metz, the battery was heavily shelled and 2 men were wounded. Though the shelling continued heavy Corpl. Burns and Bombr. Roselli took charge of the stretcher parties and carried the wounded men to a R.A.P. Here another shell wounded one of the stretcher party and disorganised the R.A.P. Wounding several R.A.M.C. men so the two N.C.Os carried out the three wounded men to a safe R.A.P. under continued shelling, and by their coolness and courage got them away to safety. During the recent operations these two N.C.Os have been conspicuous for their good work throughout". He was subsequently promoted to bombardier. In late November Roselli was promoted to sergeant, subsequently returning to New Zealand for discharge in 1919.


    In 1920 Roselli married Margaret Barker Blaikie Stowell, and together they had a family of four children. During the Second World War Roselli served as an officer in the Home Guard at Buller. This would qualify him for the New Zealand War Service Medal.


    The Military Medal is correctly impressed 2-1522 BMBR:-T. CPL P.J.T. ROSELLI. N.Z.F.A. and the trio is correctly impressed 2/1522 SJT. P.J.T. ROSELLI N.Z.E.F.

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