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Memorial Plaque to David Alexander Cooke

NZEF Memorial Plaque: 70247 DA Cooke

  • Memorial Plaque named DAVID ALEXANDER COOKE, who died of wounds on 30th September 1918.


    David Alexander Cook (note original spelling of his surname) was born in Auckland, New Zealand on 1st September 1881. Son of Robert and Margaret Cook. At the time of his enlistment in 1917 he was working as a machinist for LEyland O'Brien, a tramway manufacturer in Auckland. He served on the Western Front with 1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment from 16th September 1918. Just two weeks later, on 30th September, Cooke was wounded, dying of his wounds later the same day. He is buried in Serre Road Cemetery No.2, XXIX. H. 3. 

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