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980 William Poe, 12th Regiment of Foot

NZ War Medal and Afghan Medal - 12th Regiment

SKU: ZM200
  • The scarce New Zealand War and Afghan Medal pair issued to William Poe of 12th (Suffolk) Regiment of Foot.


    William Poe was born in Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland in 1843. He enlisted for service with 12th (Suffolk) Regiment on 30th June 1863 at Nenagh, having previously served with the Tipperary Artillery Regiment of Militia since November 1862. He immediately embarked for New Zealand, where he served until 1867. During his time in New Zealand, Poe was charged several times with assault, drunkness and insubordination. He returned to the UK in 1867, where he continued to fall foul of military authorities due to his behaviour. He married Eliza Coyne at Westport, Co. Mayo in 1872 and seems to have settled down thereafter, eventually receiving Good Conduct pay in 1874 and 1878.


    Poe moved with his regiment to India in 1876, and in April 1879 deployed to Afghanistan where he served until June 1880, where many years of field service finally caught up with him and he was invalided back to India. Poe returned to the UK in November 1881 where he was found to be permanently unfit with his disability "due mainly to the fatigue of field service to a previously "worn" soldier".  He was discharged from service on 31st January 1882 and awarded a pension of 12p per diem for life.


    The New Zealand War Medal is correctly impressed 980. WM POE , 1ST BN 12TH REGT and the Afghan Medal is correctly engraved 980. PTE W. POE. 1/12TH REGT. This lot comes with Poe's original parchment Certificate of Discharge and Royal Hospital, Chelsea Out-Pension certificate; and with copied service papers and other research.

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