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Thomas Wight, Commissariat Staff Corps

New Zealand War Medal - CS Corps

  • The New Zealand War medal issued to Thomas Wight of the Commissariat Staff Corps, late of 3rd Waikato Regiment.


    Nothing is known of Thomas Wight's service in New Zealand other than he appears on the medal roll of the 3rd Waikato Regiment with the service number 633 in the rank of private. These men volunteered for service with the Imperial Commissariat Transport Corps, and it this that is impressed on the medal. At some stage the medal has had the number and rank removed and the rank of 'Sergt' engraved.


    There is also a 'Thomas Wight' who served in the 2nd Waikato Regiment (339 Private) but he is listed as 'deserted' and was not entitled to a medal.


    Medal mostly correctly impressed THOS. WIGHT, C S. CORPS with the rank of 'SERGT' engraved in front. Medal is undated, which is typical for those who had competed their service before the medal was authorised in 1869.

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