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740 Private John Hart, 50th Regiment

New Zealand War Medal - 50th Foot

  • The New Zealand War Medal issued to 734 Private John Hart, 50th (Queen's Own) Regiment for service in New Zealand 1864 - 1866.


    John Hart served during the West Coast Campaign of 1865 - 1866. It is unknown which engagements he was at, but was very likely at the Battle of Nukumaru, where the last of the Victoria's Crosses for Imperial service in New Zealand was won (Captain High Shaw, 18th Royal Irish). It is known that Hart was with the regiment at Aldershot in 1871, hence he received a dated medal.


    Medal is dated 1864 - 1866 and is correctly impressed 734. JOHN HART, 50th QN'S OWN REGT.

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