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30636 Thomas Walker Phaup M.M.

MM and NZEF Pair - Phaup

  • N.Z.E.F. 1918 ‘capture of Briastre - pursuit to the river Selle’ M.M. group of three awarded to Lance-Corporal T. W. Phaup, 1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.


    T. W. Phaup attested for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in June 1916, and served with the 1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment on the Western Front from August 1917. Phaup was awarded his M.M. for his gallantry during the capture of Briastre, as part of the pursuit to the river Selle, 11 - 12 October 1918. L.G. 14/5/1919: This N.C.O. was in charge of a forward party of linesman and maintained communication between the front line Companies and Battalion H.Q. throughout the above operations. The enemy's shell fire was exceptionally heavy and the work of maintenance was rendered both difficult and dangerous, but this N.C.O. displayed an utter contempt for the hostile shelling and by his personal bravery and untiring perseverance he enabled most important messages to be put through. Throughout the operations the courage of this N.C.O. was most conspicuous and his leadership was an outstanding example to the men of his section. After successfully capturing its’ objectives, the battalion had suffered casualties of 28 other ranks killed, 76 wounded and 11 missing. Phaup was promoted to corporal in January 1919 before returning to New Zealand in May 1919, and was discharged, 28 June 1919. He died in February 1962.


    Military Medal, G.V.R. (30636 Pte - L. Cpl. - T. W. PHAUP. 1/WELL: R.); British War and Victory Medals (30636. Cpl. T. W. PHAUP. N.Z.E.F.) mounted for display. Apologies for the image quality on the naming photos - the group is court-mounted in a frame, making photography difficult. The seller wishes to advise that the medals are all correctly named, but offers a money-back guarantee if they are not to the buyers satisfaction.

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