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NZEF Memorial Plaque: 9/272 JA Evans

  • Memorial Plaque named JOHN ALEXANDER EVANS. Whilst not a unique name (there is a BEF casualty of the same name), this plaque was sourced from old collection in New Zealand so has been ascribed to 9/272 John Alexander Evans, who died of wounds 3/12/1917.


    John Alexander Evans was born 23rd December 1893 at Dipton, New Zealand. Son of John and Isabella Evans (née Williamson). At the time of his enlistment in August 1914 he was working as a labourer for David McCurdy of Dipton. Evans joined 7th (Southland) Squadron, Otago Mounted - the same squadron lead by his erstwhile employer, Lt. David McCurdy. 


    Evans served on Gallipoli from around 20th May until mid-June 1915, when he was evacuated to Mudros suffering from an unknown malady. He returned to Gallipoli in mid-July 1915 and was evacuated once again, in mid-August. He returned to duty in October 1915, presumably back on the peninsula. In March 1916 he transferred to the Pioneer Battalion, with whom he served on the Western Front until September 1917, when he transferred to 10th (North Otago) Company, 2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment. He was appointed lance-corporal in November 1917, but killed in action just a few weeks later, on 3rd December 1917 at Polderhoek Chateau. He is buried in Hooge Crater Cemetery, X. F. 13.


    Photograph of Evans was published in the Otago Witness of 30th January 1918.



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