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22/403 S/Nurse Janet Nicholson McGhie NZANS

BWM to NZANS Nurse - Sole Entitlement

SKU: ZM112
  • The scarce full-entitlement British War Medal to Staff Nurse J.N. McGhie of the New Zealand Army Nursing Service.


    Janet Nicholson McGhie was born 14th October 1885 at Dunedin, New Zealand. Daughter of John and Mary McGhie (née Nicholson).  Following her education, McGhie trained as a nurse at Naseby Hospital, becoming a Registered Nurse (#921) in 1910. She then movd into nursing at private hospitals before attesting for service with the NZEF in 1916. At that time McGhie was matron of the Chalet Hospital in Dunedin.


    McGhie served in the UK at No. 2 New Zealand General Hospital at Walton-on-Thames during 1917 until she was struck down with Biliary Colic (Cholelithiasis). She was medically boarded and it was decided to return her to New Zealand for discharge. After the war McGhie worked at the 'jaw' hospital in Deunedin before taking up the role of Tutor Sister at King George V Hospital in Rotorua. In the late 1920's she took up the role of Matron at Palmerston North Hospital, and she was still employed there when she died on 25th July 1937. She was buried in her hown town of Dunedin, at the Northern Cemetery.


    The British War Medal is correctly impressed 22/403 S/NURSE. J.N. McGHIE. N.Z.E.F.

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