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502002 Sergeant Algernon William Pritchard R.E.


  • The Western Front M.M group of five to Algernon William Pritchard of the 55th (Withington) D.S. Coy, Royal Engineers, who was awarded the Military Medal most likely for his actions on 9th April 1918 at Les Glatignies.


    Algernon William Pritchard was born 27th August 1885 at Evesham, England. Son of Thomas and Mary Maria Pritchard (née Webb). He was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School in Birmingham following which he joined the Telegraph Department of the General Post Office in Birmingham. On 28th August 1912 Pritchard married Winifred Amy Matilda Jakeman.


    Unfortunately Pritchard's First World War service file has not survived, so his service details during the war are unknown. It is known he served with the 55th (Withington) Divisional Signalling Company, Royal Engineers attached to 166th Infantry Brigade. It appears Pritchard won the Military Medal for gallantry in action displayed on 9th April 1918 during the German Spring Offensive, although the precise details are unknown (L.G. 22/7/1919). Pritchard was also awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in 1919 (Army Order 178 dated 1/5/1919).


    After the war Pritchard returned to his service with the GPO in Birmingham. He was a noted horticulturist and cyclist during this time. In 1928 Pritchard and his family moved to Weymouth in Dorset for the benefit of his wife's health and it was here that he was awarded the Imperial Service Medal in 1945 (L.G. 11/9/1945).


    Algernon Pritchard died 18th September 1961 at Weymouth and District Hospital.


    All medals are correctly impressed: MM GVR (502002 Sjt. A.W. PRITCHARD. R.E.), BWM and VM (502002 SJT. A.W. PRITCHARD. R.E.), TFEM (502002 SJT: A.W. PRITCHARD. R.E.), ISM (ALGERNON WILLIAM PRITCHARD). Groups comes with several original photographs, marriage certificate, copy of a letter from OC Div Sigs. and two newspaper clippings.

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