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61728 Gunner Charles Albert Norman, 14th Light Anti-Aircraft Regment, 2nd NZEF

2NZEF Medals/Photos/Diaires - PoW and Wounded

SKU: ZM167
  • The excellent medal group, diaries, photographs and ephemera of 61728 Charles Albert Norman, 14th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, who was taken prisoner in November 1941,  subsequently released and then wounded in July 1942. Served in North Africa and Italy.


    Charles Norman was born 6th October 1902  in Wellington, New Zealand. Son of William Ernest Arthur and Bertha Blanche Norman (née Lucas). He had pre-war service as a territorial, and was working as a carpenter in Whakatane when he attested for service in the 2nd NZEF in July 1940. Norman embarked in May 1941 and served with 14th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment in the Libyan desert campaign. During Operation Crusader, on 27th November 1941, Norman  was captured by German armoured forces. He was held by the Italians at Bardia, and suffered greatly from dysentery and hunger. When Bardia fell, in January 1942, he was released and after convalescing for a period, returned to his unit. On 4th July 1942 Norman was wounded during a bombing raid by Stuka divebombers on his position, and evacuated to Cairo. Norman later transferred to the Italian front, before returning to New Zealand in March 1945.


    In addition to the medals, this group comes with Norman's detailed diaries covering his entire service in the war. It also comes with numerous photographs, presumably taken by Norman, a silver cigarette case engraved with Norman's initials and service number plus assorted RSA membership ephemera, and three cups relating to sports tournaments from the 1950's. The diaires are a significant resource, and worthy of deeper research. This lot also comes with a copt of his service file.

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