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25015 Noel Samuel Beeche, 18 Battalion, 2NZEF

2NZEF KiA Crete Memorial Cross and Scroll

  • The scarce Killed in Action medal group, including Memorial Cross and Scroll to Noel Samuel Beeche, 18th Battalion 2NZEF who was killed on 20th May 1941 during the German airborne invasion of Crete.


    Noel Beeche was born 8th July 1914 at Taumarunui, New Zealand. Son of Raymond and Sarah Ellen Beeche (née Clegg). Prior to his enlistment in 1940 Beeche was working as a printer in Taumarunui. He attested in April 1940 and was posted to 18th Battalion. He embarked for Egypt in August 1940, arriving on 1st October 1940.


    Beeche served in Greece, and was evacuated to Crete following the German capture of the Greek peninsula. On 20th May 1941 German forces commenced an airborne invasion of Crete. During the confused fighting during that famous day Beeche was killed in action. He is buried in the Suda Bay Cemetery.


    The medals are unnamed as issued. The Memorial Cross is correctly impressed 25015 PTE. N.S. BEECHE. and the scroll is original, named to him as Private N.S. Beeche, New Zealand Military Forces. The full service file is available to the purchaser.

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