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7031 Cpl Arthur Edward Day, North Island Regiment, 9th NZMR Contingent

QSA - 9th NZMR - Day

  • Queen's South Africa Medal issued to 7031 Sgt Arthur Edward Day, 9th NZMR Contingent. Rogers sailed with the 9th NZMR Contingent on the S.S. Devon, in the rank of corporal. He was promoted to sergeant in July 1902, after the war had ended.


    Arthur Edward Day was born at Auckland, New Zealand on 25th December 1879, son of John Samuel and Mary Jane Day. He qualified as a teacher in 1901, working in this profession for all his life. He worked in numerous schools around the Waikato/Hauraki region. He died at Paeroa on 5th October 1952.


    Medal is correctly impressed 7031 SERGT: A. E. DAY. N.Z.M.R. 9TH CONT: The rank has been erased and re-engraved with SERGT:, probably at the request of the recipient. His medal will have been produced in the rank of corporal, as this was the highest rank he held up to the end of the war on 31 May 1902. Medal and clasp confirmed on WO100/295.

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