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11/880 Gunner Charles Gibson MM

MM and NZEF Trio - Gibson

  • N.Z.E.F. 1918 ‘Somme’ M.M. group of four awarded to 11/880 Gunner Charles Gibson, 15th (Howitzer) Battery, 1st Brigade, New Zealand Field Artillery, and formerly a Trooper with the Wellington Mounted Rifles, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.


    Charles Gibson, a London-born cab driver from Gisborne, embarked with the 4th Reinforcements NZEF, and served in Egypt from July 1915 until transferring to the Brigade Ammunition Column, NZ Field Artillery in March 1916. He transferred to 15th Battery, NZFA as a gunner, in October 1916. Gibson was wounded in October 1917, and in August 1918 was awarded the Military Medal (L.G. 29/8/1918) for his bravery displayed during the German Spring Offensive: "Near Mailly Maillet on the 5th April 1918, the whole area was subjected to a most intensive shelling. This man maintained communications between the battery Observation Post and the battery position throughout mending at least 20 breaks in the line, all being in most exposed positions. It was dueto his courage and devotion to duty that communications at a most critical time were maintained".  Gibson was wounded in a gas attack in September 1918 and evacuated to the UK, his war at an end.



    Military Medal, G.V.R. (11-880 GNR: C. GIBSON. I5/BY: I/BDE: N.Z.F.A.); 1914-15 Star (11/880 GNR. C. GIBSON N.Z.E.F.); British War and Victory Medals (11/880 GNR. C. GIBSON. N.Z.E.F.). Mounted for wear.

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