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25/1840 Frank Silk Whitaker NZEF

Memorial Plaque - KiA Passchendale

SKU: ZM129
  • The Memorial Plaque issued in commemoration of Frank Silk Whitaker, who was killed in action at Passchendaele on 12th October 1917 aged 41.


    Frank Whitaker was born 23rd February 1876 at Kaiapoi, New Zealand. Son of George and Elizabeth Hannah Whitaker. He married Harriet Agnes Flowerday in 1903 and had a family of three children, two of whom survived until adulthood. By 1915 Whitaker was working as a labourer for a builders firm in Auckland. He enlisted in Devcember 1915, and embarked with 3rd Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade in April 1916. After briefly serving in Egypt, he transferred to the UK and joiuned B Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade in the field in July 1916.


    During the disastrous New Zealand Division attack at Passchendaele on 12th October 1917 Whitaker was killed in action, along with so many hundreds more of his countrymen. He has no known gravem and is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial. His wife received his Memorial Plaque in February 1922.


    Memorial Plaque correctly embossed FRANK SILK WHITAKER.



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