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2726 Private John Owens, 77th Regiment of Foot

Crimean War pair - Owens, 77th Foot

  • The Crimea / Turkish Crimea medal pair awarded to Private John Owens of the 77th Regiment of Foot.


    Unfortunately no service papers for John Owens have been located, but his medal and clasps 'Alma', 'Balaclava' and 'Sebastopol' are all confirmed on the roll of the 77th Foot.


    Crimea medal is engraved No. 2726: JOHN. OWENS. 77 FOOT and is mounted on original silk ribbon with a silver brooch. The Turkish Crimea medal is unnamed as issued.


    The photo in this listing, taken by Roger Fenton, is of unnamed men of the 77th Foot in winter dress in the Crimea.

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